I'm too busy and cheap to play many cutting edge PC games. But we also have and play a lot of 'analog' games at home. And I recently discovered a great resource to offset my cheapness - my local library has a decent selection of games, and a great online system for requesting that they send the next available copy to my local branch.

I continue to play a lot of Colossus on my computer. It's a computerized version of Avalon Hill's box game Titan. Thanks to ebay, I have the analog version too, but haven't tried it with the family yet. Another retrogame I was playing for a while is Scorch2000. The old Scorched Earth game was one of the first pieces of shareware I registered back in the early 90s.

Rail Baron, Harry Potter Quidditch card game February 18, 2003

The Lord of the Rings board game February 9, 2003

PC Games: Freedom Force, Medal of Honor November 23, 2002

Analog game: Lionheart October 22, 2002


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