Games - October 22, 2002

We tried a new analog game last 'game night': Lionheart from Parker Brothers/Hasbro. It's sort of a simplified chess game with dice rolls when pieces make attacks. It's a two player game, so we made teams, which is a big help in five year old Ben's enjoyment. Ben's dice rolls were devastating and we made pretty quick work of the enemy. Wes attempted a desperation kamikaze attack with his king, which I thought was a reasonable move given the losses we'd already given him. But Wes didn't have Ben's luck with the dice and an infantry unit easily stopped the king and one archer unit took him out on Ben's first try. Wes is a great sport and disturbingly good at games for a nine year old, so we rarely pull any punches against him. I have yet to beat him at Rail Baron, which is depressing given my nearly twenty year head start playing it.

We only played the 'basic' game of Lionheart once, but there's an advanced version with more unit types and you get to choose which ones you'll use. It's definitely a kids' game and they really enjoyed it so I think we'll give it a try again soon.

Since Lionheart, we've been playing a lot of Uno. The kids love it, but have not taken losing well. This is especially delicate since when we end a hand and count up our cards, my older son has started to point out how I could have won with the cards I must have had X turns ago. We've also played a few other classics like Risk and Monopoly recently.

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