Games - November 23, 2002

I have gotten my hands on a few recent games from my library. Freedom Force was pretty fun, though I was frustrated early on with the default 'stand there and take it' action my heroes lapsed into when I neglected them for too long. But it was fun to finally get a working comic book game. 

I just finished Medal of Honor Allied Assault, which was also pretty good and about the right length for my interest. I played on whatever it called 'medium' difficulty, but learned to appreciate its efficient automatic saves at various points. I didn't enjoy the level storming Omaha Beach. I understand that the game strived for some degree of realism, and really storming the beach was decidedly less enjoyable. But I thought it went a little too far in recreating the extreme likelihood of dying without even being sure what happened. I also didn't think its attempts at stealth based missions really worked. I wound up just taking good positions and shooting every nazi I could find. The Thief games worked really well for stealth, even Deus Ex had some good opportunities for it too. Sniper hunting was still a lot of fun and had some similar tension, though.

I didn't even try any multiplayer games. I don't have the time to get good enough to work with a regular group and really have no interest playing with or against strangers. 

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