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April, 2003 MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic .NET Windows and Web Applications Study Guide by Brian Reisman and Mitch Ruebush, published by Sybex Technical editor

September, 2002

T-SQL Solutions

"Double Metaphone Sounds Great"
About using SQL 2000 user-defined functions

October, 1999 Windows Developer's Journal Tech Tip: "TreeView Parameter Validation"
September, 1999 Windows Developer's Journal Tech Tip: "Incorrect Results Returned from VarBstrFromDate()"
October, 1998

Windows Developer's Journal

"Automatic Version Incrementing with VBScript"
A utility for Visual Studio 6 C++ projects
June 24, 1998

Dr Dobb's Journal Online Op-Ed

"Windows DLLs: Threat or Menace?"
A rant against the foolish acceptance of runtime linking. .Net addresses most of the serious problems, though I still prefer the simplicity of static linking...
And I can't believe they ruined the joke in the title in the movie. 
April, 1998 Windows Developer's Journal Tech Tip: "Clean Compiles with /W4"
January, 1998

Windows Developer's Journal

"Runtime Menu Mnemonic Key Assignment"
Using the Windows API to eliminate accelerator key collisions at runtime
June, 1997 Windows Developer's Journal Tech Tip: "A Hook for Relabeling Button Captions"
For OpenFile dialogs.
July, 1980  No. 216

MAD Magazine

Letter to the Editor with a new "MAD Law"


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